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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

YIPES!! IMPORTANT NOTICE!! To solve my horrible, unfixable according to Blog staff archive problem, I have re-done this entire blog, and its under a new URL! From how on please go to:


For version 2 of Burning Lifes instruction book. Drastic measures I know... but nescassairy! It's where i'll be from now on, see you there!!

Jenna xXx
This is amusing.... I've added a random deep thought generator to my little bar thingy on the left, try em, theyre funny! I promise!

Monday, March 03, 2003

My archiving system is officially bolloxed, i'm sure of it. I cant get it to re-publish shite... just keeps whittering on about some kind of template problem. I'm sure this is because I have altered this damned template so damned much blogger just doesnt like it anymore, it doesnt resemble anything even close to how the original template looked.
Ah well, fuck em.

Any ideas? anyone?

On to more pressing matters. Farscape ends this week in the UK, I am very upset. The scifi channel needs... in short... to be kicked in the ass until we can make burgers from their butts. It really is quite a fascinating story, if you like Farscape or not, the way the so called 'scifi' channel are handling themselves lately is a joke. A channel that set out to do one thing... as it says on the tin... show 'scifi'... has become as commercial as QVC and even less entertaining if thats possible. Now, I dont live in the States, but I own a farscape group and i'm pretty up to speed as to what has been going on over there with farscape and scifi... the more I hear, the more i'm sure Satan sold his soul to scifi, not vice versa.

This channel cancels one of only two shows it has going for it, after promising at least 5 seasons to the cast and crew it cuts them short at 4. No warning. The other show it supposedly has going for it is the piss poor, rip off unoriginal 'commercial not scifi anymore' show, Stargate.

Dont get me wrong, I loved Stargate the movie, Its a personal favorite. But I viewed three episodes of this so called television series and I was tempted to gnaw my own nipples off for some entertainment. I know it has a loyal band of followers, fuck knows why, but it does, so kudos to it. But... it just aint... scifi enough for my defintion of it. Which is probably why the scifi channel chose to keep it as their flagship show, and axe Farscape. The show made from scratch, not stolen from any movies, and widely regarded as the best thing to grace the scifi genre in centuries.

They axe it.

Okay, how very forward thinking... I suppose, its a decision only an extra terrestrial could have made! so I guess it does figure after all.

Still, months after we hear about this... I'm reading up on new shows coming along as replacements for all the good ones being axed (not only do we lose Farscape, we lose Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel... and we gain Taken... oh heaven help us if youre there, Taken. I've wiped my nose and found better storylines inside the tissue, really!) and I find out there was a choice between two shows at one point.
One show was your scifi show... set in deep space, an entrepid crew of a fancy ship take up residence on a planet or something. Your science fiction madness follows. Right?

Right.... it was turned down in favour of a show about robot vampires.
Oh good.

So why was the deep space 'scifi' show turned down?

Offical word from the scifi channel themselves is that the proposed show was, and I quote, "Too science fiction-ish".. for the channel. Robot vampires was better.

Whats wrong with this picture?

So, adding to my list of people who will be first against the wall when the revolution comes... scifi channel. Wankers.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

I get the feeling my body is rebelling, it just doesnt seem to like me right now. I've felt uneasy, unsettled,a bit sick and a lot headachy for days now and its beginning to get on my nerves. Hence, my lack of anything very interesting happening on here of late.

Still, i've changed my notify list to something that involves me not having to do anything when I update, which is good, because i'm really THAT lazy.