Burning life's instruction book

Friday, December 27, 2002

Well f**k me with a rusty clawhammer I havent written anything in here for fekking ages. I guess i got really lazy, that and life just got so incredibly mind numbing. You wouldnt believe what craps gone on with me over the past few months, one day there'll be a really soppy movie about it, but knowing my luck it'll probably star Jennifer Lopez... or if my lucks really crap (which it is) Roseanne Barr *shudder*...

Either way, it'll be a talentless hack that looks nothing like me. Story of my life.

Anyway I wont bore you with the bleetings of my insane excuse for an existance this past few months. Just wish you all a Merry F**king Everything.... and tell you all I think when I saw "The Two Towers" and Legolas jumped backwards onto that horse.... I found the female equivalent to viagra.

I need a moment alone, excuse me.

Toss me... but dont tell the Elf